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Polish Lawyer Kraków

I am a polish lawyer registered with the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Krakow (registration number KR – 2392). I have completed legal studies at Jagiellonian University. I have worked in renowned law firms in the Krakow area. Since 2012, I have been running my own Law Office in Krakow.

On the next page, under the “About us” section, you can learn more about our history. By visiting the “Our Team” section, you will have the opportunity to get to know the lawyers of the Law Office.

On the website, you can also find a lot of information that combines legal knowledge with the experience of a legal advisor. I invite you to visit the “Blog” section.

I am still looking for ambitious lawyers who could join our team. If you are looking for a job, be sure to visit the “Career” section.

Prawnik Michów, Proszowice, Kraków

Founder & Owner of the Law Office

Effective Polish Lawyer

Law Office Kraków

An effective polish lawyer understands how important a client’s needs are. Before providing a response, they listen carefully to comprehend the objective of legal actions. Subsequently, they seek legal solutions to achieve that objective.

An effective polish lawyer seeks solutions that are best for their client. Litigation is not always the optimal course of action. Often, disputes can be resolved at the negotiation table.

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Scope of Legal Assistance

How can a polish lawyer help you?

Radca prawny Kraków

Servicing Companies & Entrepreneurs

The law firm serves commercial companies as well as sole proprietorships. We negotiate provisions of commercial contracts and represent clients in court.

Radca prawny Kraków

Family Law

Polish lawyer can help with divorce matters, child support, custody limitations, and parental rights termination. We have extensive experience in this area of law.

Radca prawny Kraków

Inheritance Law

The law firm provides advice on inheritance matters and succession planning. We handle court proceedings related to inheritance law, estate division, and associated tax issues.

Radca prawny Kraków

Tax Law

The law firm offers assistance in the field of tax advisory. We represent clients before tax authorities.

Radca prawny Kraków

Real Estate Law

The law firm provides advice on the acquisition, sale, and management of real estate. We prepare contracts, including comprehensive lease agreements.

Radca prawny Kraków

IT & E-commerce Law

A legal advisor can provide guidance on matters related to new technologies, from e-commerce to blockchain. We prepare terms and conditions, privacy policies, and GDPR clauses.

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    Are you wondering what sets us apart from other law firms? We approach legal problem-solving in a way that’s tailored to your needs and goals. As a legal advisor, I’m ready to listen carefully, so that we can shape our legal assistance to fit your requirements and your budget in the next step. Our Law Office’s team combines focus and flexibility with the scope of our activities. Yet, we never forget who we are: open, humble, client-friendly, and committed to our daily work. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with choosing our Law Office.

    Radca prawny Kraków

    Our Principles

    A polish lawyer handles every case with discretion and complete confidentiality. Client trust is of utmost importance in our Law Office.

    Radca prawny Kraków

    Our Philosophy

    The primary objective of our legal actions is to safeguard the interests of our clients. An experienced legal advisor treats this goal as a top priority.

    Radca prawny Kraków

    Legal Protection

    We will protect your interests and rights. As a legal advisor, I have been involved in over 400 court cases in Krakow and other cities. Experience in the courtroom is essential to being effective.

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