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Prawnik Kraków
If you’re interested in a free estimate or scheduling a meeting with a lawyer in Krakow, please fill out the form. A meeting with a lawyer can take place in several ways depending on the client’s needs and...
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nabycie nieruchomości przez cudzoziemca
Over the past decade, Poland has ceased to be a country with a homogeneous society, as it had been since the end of World War II. This change has been largely influenced by mass migration, initially motivated by...
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rozwody kraków
Divorces in Poland: Are you looking for an experienced lawyer specializing in divorces in Poland? Our legal office of an attorney-at-law in Polandoffers comprehensive legal services in the field of divorces. If you’re interested in a free estimate...
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Jak podzielić majątek po rozwodzie
Marriage is a legal institution that is based not only on the emotional bonds between spouses but also on shared economic and property interests. To make this process easier, Polish law provides for the possibility of spouses having...
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alimenty prawnik
Experienced Lawyer from Poland Who has Handled Numerous Court Proceedings Shares Their Knowledge on Obtaining Alimony. Alimony is one of the most important institutions in family law and very often becomes the subject of court proceedings. At the...
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