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First Meeting. Lawyer in Poland.

Lawyer in Poland

If you’re interested in a free estimate or scheduling a meeting with a lawyer in Krakow, please fill out the form.

A meeting with a lawyer can take place in several ways depending on the client’s needs and situation. Typically, the first meeting occurs at the office of a legal advisor or attorney, or it can also be conducted remotely through a video conference or phone call. Our law firm offers both in-person and online meetings.

During the meeting, the lawyer will inquire about the details related to the case and strive to identify the client’s needs and the purpose of legal actions. Subsequently, the lawyer evaluates the situation in light of legal provisions and provides comprehensive answers to the client’s questions.

The lawyer will require the client to specify their needs and explain their legal issue to provide the best possible advice. Legal assistance is a tailor-made service, and an effective lawyer will adjust the provided response to the specific needs of the client.

Legal Consultation in Poland

A legal consultation is a meeting during which the client can receive advice and support from a lawyer on various legal matters, from family issues to those related to business activities. Our law firm provides comprehensive assistance in all areas of law. Here’s how a typical legal consultation looks like:

  1. Appointment Scheduling: Clients can schedule a legal consultation via phone or email. The lawyer can provide advice online or at the law firm.
  2. Preparation: Clients should prepare for the consultation by bringing any documents and information that may be helpful in resolving their legal issue.
  3. Meeting: During the consultation, the lawyer will ask for details regarding the client’s issue and provide thorough answers to their questions. The lawyer may also offer advice and explain various options and legal consequences.
  4. Advice: After concluding the consultation, the lawyer will provide the client with advice regarding their legal issue and explain the steps to take to resolve it or propose taking those steps on behalf of the client as their representative.
  5. Potential Further Collaboration: If the client needs further assistance, the lawyer may offer their services, such as preparing legal documents, negotiating agreements, or representing the client in court.

A legal consultation is a valuable way to obtain advice from a specialist in a specific area of law and is an important step in resolving legal issues.

Cost of Legal Assistance in Poland

A one-time consultation is usually charged at a fixed rate, typically around 200 PLN. If you want to inquire about the current fee for a legal consultation, call the number provided at the top of the page or fill out the form in the “Request a Quote” section.

In addition to a one-time consultation, an attorney or legal advisor can price their services in several ways, including:

  1. Hourly Rate: The lawyer establishes an hourly rate and charges it for every hour of work invested in a particular project.
  2. Monthly Subscription: The lawyer may offer a monthly subscription, granting the client access to their services within a specified scope and for a defined period.

The choice of pricing method depends on the client’s individual needs and preferences, as well as the nature and complexity of the case. Lawyers in our law firm are transparent and apply clear principles regarding the amount of remuneration. The client will always know how their remuneration will be determined to avoid any unexpected costs.

If you’re interested in a free estimate or scheduling a meeting, please fill out the form.

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